Pictures from Southeastern Turkey
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On these pages you will see the pictures I’ve made during a trip through the Southeastern part of Turkey in september 2006.  This part of Turkey has a long history . Actually some of the oldest known human settlements are found here.
As there are so many interesting places to visit planning your trip before you go is essential. For the planning I used the Blue Guide of Turkey, A&C Black Publishers, London. (edition 2001, ISBN 0-7136-4999-2). If you want to visit all the sites described in the guide you will have to spend at least 6 months for the area we visited alone. Since we only had 12 days for our trip the pictures you see are from my personal highlights. On the map you’ll find our itinerary. The numbers correspond with the names of (most) of the webpages on this site. (Pim van den Berg, september 2006)